Project Description

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  • 11th April 2016

Brief: Yes were briefed to:

  • Promote a brand extension to a core agricultural audience
  • Remind lapsed users about the value of home-grown feeds
  • Maximise the impact of communications through clever strategic marketing.

Approach: The farming community is notoriously difficult to engage, and can be deluged with unsophisticated marketing approaches via the farming press. Although passionate about what they do, farmers also need to be treated like business people – their desire for financial success, productivity and efficiency are exactly aligned to other business owners. We consulted our farming panel via our Community Consult tool and began to develop an understanding of the changes in perception of specific Rumenco products. We created headlines that were focused on insights generated by the research to ensure that all communications were relevant and compelling.

We also developed a detailed understanding of the complex environment that many farmers were operating in before embarking on the creative process. We then created an integrated campaign that focused on the bottom-line benefits of the product using a lively, contemporary visual style. To achieve the required impact on a limited budget in the busy farming press, the concept used a series of full page, half page and small space advertisements to create numerous opportunities to see. The concept was also applied to a range of media, creating an on-pack sticker promotion, new media versions of the suite of ads and finally new product packaging, all of which resulted in an 11.5% increase in sales.

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    Integrated marketing campaign