Lord’s Taverners

Project Description

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  • 10th May 2016

Brief: Build a national flagship programme, ‘Wicketz’, in order to develop sustainable community club environments in areas of high deprivation.

Approach: Yes Agency proposed a Communitography approach in which we mapped the UK according to empirical data based on levels of deprivation, number of children in need and low levels of engagement in sport. We then identified the top 20 locations according to these criteria, and carried out an in-depth community consultation exercise in the top locations in order to provide in-depth intelligence on the local picture including information on existing programmes, hot-spot locations for antisocial behaviour, specific barriers to participation, levels of parental engagement and local contacts who would be willing to support the programme. We supplemented this with a review of the pilot scheme and a detailed study on how this could be developed to maximise its success. This detailed Communitography research provided a blueprint for success for ‘Wicketz’ and enabled the Lord’s Taverners to roll-out the programme with full confidence in its likelihood of success.

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    Community research and engagement