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Project Description

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  • 10th May 2016

Brief: TUCA had a requirement to support the income targets for adult learning and wanted to run a promotional campaign in London comprising regular contact with the network of existing customers and also potential customers.

Approach: The main feature of the campaign comprised bundling of a leaflet/direct mail. We used innovative paper engineering to ensure the direct mail piece was eye catching, by replicating a tunnelling effect throughout the collateral. The direct mail piece was supported by an email campaign (also provided by Yes), the overall outcome was extremely successful, providing many leads for the client and helping them to exceed their targets.

 “The ‘Dig a little Deeper’ campaign brief was to expand the awareness among construction employers in and around London that training at our Tunnelling Academy (TUCA) now included more than just tunnelling related courses. The Yes Agency creative managed to brilliantly combine engaging copy with outstanding design which captured the tunnelling element. The leaflet was followed up with digital marketing, which led to Q3/4 income targets for TUCA being exceeded.”

Brian Richards, Marketing Manager, TUCA

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    Direct marketing campaign